Julian Reddish

About Julian Reddish

Julian Reddish the label

The label Julian Reddish was started by Julian Reddish in late 2007. The Julian Reddish range consists of elegant 100% up-cycled, limited-run scarves that will make you look great and are sure to add to any outfit.

The scarves are made from original, unique and beautifully spliced together high-end fabrics. All items are designed by Julian and all are 100% made in Australia.
Julian Reddish scarves are up-cycled from new off cuts, left over and sampling fabrics from the Kathleen Berney label. This has created a label which is environmentally sound through its use of materials that would have otherwise gone to waste.

Julian Reddish the designer

Julian grew up in a creative household surrounded by fabrics and fashion and has always been interested in all aspects of design. His mother Kathleen Berney is an Australian fashion designer and textile artist. Running her studio and business from home meant that Julian was surrounded by fashion from a young age. From the age of 12 Julian started to show his fashion sense, customising jeans with patches, rips and fading in a ‘Tsubi’ like style. He made these for himself and was soon making them for friends and family.

At the age of 16 Julian started a carpentry Apprenticeship with his design skills focussed on timber. A year later Julian had a near fatal stroke and car accident and spent the next 7 months in Westmead Hospital recovering from brain injuries. During this time he demonstrated his determination and enthusiasm for life which led him to overcome obstacle after obstacle. While continuing his rehab back home his interest in fashion and design was rekindled. He started a graphic design course at Tafe and began to use his design skill to create unique screen-printed t-shirts and dresses.

Over the past 7 years the label has evolved with Julian Reddish now designing his innovative range of scarves.

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